Photography is art, art is about telling a story, sharing, connecting, advertising is about making people look, and want to know more.
My early years were spent apprenticed to a small grass roots photography studio in Leeds mentored by the pipe smoking legend of Leeds, Raymond Lodge in the traditional creative arts of lighting and darkroom techniques. On completing my apprenticeship having achieved the City and Guilds advanced craft “Distinction”, I packed-up my craft and can do attitude to travel the globe working to soak up what it had to offer creatively and technically to hone my trade.
Since settling in Sydney in 1986 I have built an Advertising and Real Estate industry reputation for excellence in photographic retouching based on applying my unique blend of traditional darkroom techniques combined with understanding the strengths and limits of camera technologies.
It was after working as Studio Manager for McGrath Real Estate in the early 2000s that I saw there was a compelling need for improvement in real estate photography and reproduction for digital and print applications. So taking my extensive knowledge of cameras, photography and retouching I took it upon myself to champion the change and in 2004 the Image Reality success story commenced firstly teaming-up with Datography and then with Imagination, winning the prestigious and prolific McGrath account.
Today much of the real estate photography/ retouching done in Sydney and Melbourne uses many of the techniques and methods I pioneered. 

Media is ever changing, the oversaturated, clean look that was once needed for newsprint is declining rapidly.  Tell that story, share, connect, make people look, and want to know more.
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